Sunday, February 25, 2007


Hey, Gang, Reuters provided this great photo of some seriously deranged or extremely misguided Sydney people but it is crying out for a caption! Any ideas?


No said...

The Ugly Australian?

Coffee Messiah said...

Scary these people can be.
What can they be thinking? ; (

iMuslim said...

Silent thoughts: "This job doesn't pay enough; i'm asking Cheney for a raise. My reputation is worth more than his meagre wage! Tight git."

Daniel said...

Great suggestions. The sign should surely read, 'The world need great men like Dick Cheney like a hole in the head! We love Americans who hate Bush'

Lucyp said...

"The this balding yank guy asked me if i could hold it a sec while he popped to the loo, that was 15 mins ago"

SCOTT said...

This Photo was on DrudgeReport's website to show how all the Aussies just LOVE Cheney,

My Photo Captions:
"Mob of Four for Cheney"

"Insane Asylum Escapees make it for the arrival of their leader"

"Dark Comedy and Satire make a comeback"

"Four Genetically Modified Clones of Hitler seek Leader"

"Spoof of Intelligence Down Under"

"Society for Mentally Challenged greet VP of USA"

Sorry you were subjected to our Insane "Leaders"

L. Sparrow said...

My caption ... simply BLECH !!!!

Charlie Brown would be proud.... :)

Blech ....

The Future Was Yesterday said...

"He said he'd shoot us all in the face if we didn't hold this up."

Anonymous said...

"Proof positive that all the world loves a 'Big Dick'!"

betmo said...

'we love america- someone has to.'

Daniel said...

You guys and gals are so so clever. Thanks for taking the time to contribute.

Thus far I was especially tickled by Lucy's 'loo' caption, Scott's 'clones of Hitler', FWY's 'shoot us in the face, Kvatch's 'big Dick', Betmo's 'someone has to'... Hell, they're all great!

I'd thought of one: 'Cheney's relatives hold anti-anti-Cheney rally in alley!' Nah! Not in the same class as yours.