Friday, February 23, 2007


The photo, from Google News Australia, shows an enthusiastic group of Australians who are very, very excited by the arrival of the Vice President of American Imperialism and Warmongering. They, in common with most of their fellow citizens, want Australia to get out of Iraq. Now.

Of course, most Australian citizens didn't want Australia to get involved in Iraq in the first place but John Howard, wanting to score brownie points with the Bush Administration and get dinner invites from the White House, insisted. Even at this late stage, with Blair in the process of abandoning the Coalition of the Killing as fast as he can, Howard is still there applauding the illegal invasion and occupation. He makes a lonely, rather pathetic figure.

To help keep the excitement in check, the Prime Minister of Australia (who, like Bush, leans ever closer to Fascism) has marshaled the Police in very large numbers and they have been instructed to adopt a Take-No-Prisoners approach with any overly exuberant citizens and, above all, keep protesters well away from Killer Cheney. Given that Cheney shoots at anything that moves, even his friends, this may have an unintended benefit.

This visit by Cheney is little more than a photo opportunity to try to show to the world how many loyal allies America has and how much support it has for its disastrous foreign policies and ever-expanding militarism. It is just a P.R. stunt, one based entirely on wishful thinking!

America is about as isolated from the rest of the civilised world as it could possibly be. Much like Howard is from the bulk of the Australian people.

And both Howard and Cheney, like Bush, are totally divorced from reality.

Go home, Cheney. You're not welcome here!


SCOTT said...

Hey we don't want him here either,, you think we can find an isolated island somewhere to drop him off on,,, ala Gilligan's Island. Or maybe an active volcanic atoll ,,,, Hell just make him fly from country to country till he is wanted somewhere,,, I don't think he will have to search toooooooo long..... I hear the Taliban is making a come back in Afganistan surely he has friends there?? Hell send him on over to Iraq, let them 'Love' on him a bit.


Daniel said...

Scott, stand him in the middle of a football stadium in Baghdad then let in the relatives of all citizens killed in Iraq.

It would need to be a very big stadium! His body may never be found.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

While he's there, if you'd feed him nothing but fatty, high cholesterol foods, an entire nation would forever be grateful to you!:)

JollyRoger said...

What Scott said.... we would certainly like to get rid of Shooter if there's any way to do it.

Shooter is even more unfit than Chimpy is for any position of authority. He's just too damned stupid to entrust with any task that requires forethought.

Coffee Messiah said...

cheney who??????

the Bastard!!!!! ; (

Daniel said...

Problem is,guys, that people in power don't care what peasants like us think about them. They exist in another world to us.

Who would have thought we would ever have been ruled by carpetbaggers!

Thanks for dropping by! Cheers.

Lucyp said...

Glad to see our Aussie counterparts keeping up the harrassment of this evil administration whenever it steps out of the US.
And to think Australia is an ally, just think the reaction if he went somewhere he wasn't liked.

dining_philosopher said...'d feed him nothing but fatty, high cholesterol foods...

A strong magnetic field should do the trick. :)

betmo said...

john dean says in 'conservatives without conscience,' that cheney has risen to the level of his incompetence. i think that these past few months since the mid term elections here have been cheney's 'coming out' party. there is little to no pretense anymore that the bushling is running things. folks here know that it's cheney- they just opt to pretend it's bush. is your john howard coming up for elections soon? i hope you elect a better government than we have.

Daniel said...

The think the fact that the number of protesters was relatively small shows that many Australians still haven't worked out how dangerous the situation is. They are too busy chasing the American Capitalist Dream of 'How much can I Grab for Myself!'