Thursday, January 04, 2007


Recently, in one of my posts, I enthusiastically welcomed the election of Kevin Rudd as the Leader of the Opposition. I felt that here was a well educated, bright, outward-looking, youngish person who might lead the Labor Party out of the wilderness. Now I'm not so sure!

My problem is that I've found out that Kevin, like George Bush, Tony Blair and John Howard, professes to be a strong Christian. God help us! Given the track record of the other three over the last six years, that doesn't auger well for the peace of the world or the safety of Australia.

Now I know quite a lot about Christianity, enough to know that its principles and aims, as laid out in the Bible, have absolutely nothing to do with the brutal, murderous activities of Bush's Coalition of the Killing in Afghanistan and Iraq where Tony and John are his loyal lieutenants. How come? How come each Sunday they all go to Church and sing hymns about peace and love and forgiveness and giving then spend the rest of the week wreaking death and destruction on all and sundry?

It's obvious. There must have been a new Bible discovered without my knowledge. That would explain why the 'Love thy Neighbour as Thyself' edict and the 'Do not kill' admonition and the 'Covet not thy Neighbour's Wife' commandment have been scrapped. The new Bible obviously exhorts Christians to 'Hate thy Neighbours' and 'Kill them in Great Numbers by any Means' and 'Get among all the Neighbourhood Wives (and their husbands too if you're so inclined) While you Can'. The 'Eye of the Needle' story has been replaced by Capitalism and Giving has been totally superseded by Taking.

If anyone knows where this new Bible is, please advise me. It needs to be lost again! And would someone check to make sure that Kevin, who, as a good Christian, supported the recent murderous attack by Israel against Lebanon, has the old version.

And beware of Christians bearing new Bibles! Lock yourself in the bathroom!

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