Tuesday, January 02, 2007


As a follow-on from my previous post, the subject of euthanasia is a hot topic. This is especially so in political, legal, medical and religious circles.

Politicians are sensitive to the issue, not because they care about human suffering but because a wrong move could cost them votes. Lawyers and those involved in the Judicial System are sensitive to the issue because of the legal ramifications (over which they hold a monopoly). Doctors don't want to lose their right to control the lives of their patients. And of course the Church doesn't want to lose its grip on the souls of believers because to do so might cause a diminution in its flock and its wealth. These four groups, either individually or collectively, have the power to make decisions for us about how and when we die.

There is another small group which should be mentioned. These ghoulish folk, like vultures, gather around a dying person but not always for the right reasons. One woman I know takes over proceedings a few weeks from the end and pushes away both friends and relatives so that she can conduct the whole event in the 'right' manner. Other sick people elicit sympathy and praise for themselves by making a public spectacle of their 'caring' thus showing little respect for the privacy of the person who is dying.

Please study the photograph carefully. It is filled with symbolism. If you are faced with a terminal disease or find that life holds nothing of worth for you, you are faced with going down a long, dark, painful tunnel. Your alternative (in unenlightened Australia at least) is to run the exhaust of your car into the interior and, with the windows closed, turn on the engine, or hang yourself, or cut your wrists, or jump off a building, or try an overdose of pills, or drive your car into a tree and be burned alive, etc. These options, understandably, do not appeal to the majority of people.

If euthanasia was sanctioned however, with a handful of pills, you could leave this life when you choose with dignity and without pain surrounded by friends and loved ones or, if you prefer, depart quietly on your own while listening to your favourite music. The dancing women symbolises this possibility.

We need to stop the Medical Profession, the Legal Profession, the Religious Profession and the Political Profession meddling in OUR lives in this important area (ghouls will always be there).

Peacefully dying with dignity when we choose is our right!


Anonymous said...


I agree 101% on your views about euthanasia - and for Aunt Danielle, you're not too young to be able to agree and relate to them. It all comes down to your life experiences and state of health. Trying telling a 30 year old that's dying of cancer that they can't have a peaceful death at the time and place of their choosing...

My friend has a site and blog on the legalisation of voluntary euthanasia - why don't you write a diary entry on it to promote it, and even contact her - Mary - and see if you can volunteer to help the VE cause. We need as much help as possible! If nobody does anything then there will be no change.....

Her blog URL


The site URL is therefore


Happy surfing!

Oh - and when you contact her tell her that you found out about her via a visitor to your own blog recommended hers to you ... :-)

Daniel said...

Thanks. I'll have a look! Aunty thanks you too. Cheers!