Tuesday, December 12, 2006


This graphic picture from Iraq (by Reuters) shows yet another truth about Iraq. This anguished man has smeared blood taken from his dead brother all over his face. His brother was killed by insurgents by having his head severed.

Scenes like this are common in Iraq thanks to America. It is wracked by civil war and people are dying by the scores everyday. Of course, in our conflicted world, many people are doing it tough. If they are not starving or dying from aids they are under occupation in war torn locations like Iraq or the Palestinian Territories or being ground under the boot heels of brutal dictators.

Others, even some of those in more affluent countries, struggle to put food on the table each week or pay for their kids' health care while a rich minority, with the help of right-wing politicians, make megabucks and live in luxury.

Meanwhile, if you run down the post titles of most blogs, the majority seem concerned with inconsequential intellectual wanking or trite, self-indulgent nonsense.

Such bloggers, like cowards, often form packs and ferociously attack individual bloggers who dare to try to do something serious, who challenge the status quo, or who are more creative or more successful, etc.

It's a question of priorities really; and of maturity, of vision, of caring.

Or the lack thereof.