Tuesday, December 19, 2006


This photo from Reuters shows Santa being helped ashore by some happy people. Whether he fell off his sleigh or a boat heading north is not clear but, lucky for him, he was washed ashore on the coast of France in fairly chilly temperatures. Fortunately his body fat came to his rescue as well as the damsels.

What if fate hadn't been kind to him and he'd fallen further out and drowned? Shock! Horror! What would the people of the world have done without Santa to brighten them up once a year? Would children, without the threat of, "If you're not good, Santa won't come!" have become even more uncontrollable? Would adults forget altogether that being generous and affable towards one's fellows once a year can be an uplifting experience? What would happen to passionate kissing under the mistletoe?

Would department stores end up in bankruptcy without the Xmas present splurge to lift their profits? What about those poor producers of cards, Xmas lights and decorations, Xmas C.D.s, turkeys, stuffing, alcoholic products, etc.? And consider those patient-less counsellors who normally, after the family fisticuffs, have to put the warring parties back together in the New Year.

No, a world without Santa is a waste of space! He, minus the ugly commercialism, symbolises something that transcends the normal mediocrity of mankind.

I hope he's never washed up! Have a happy Xmas.