Sunday, December 31, 2006


This photograph (from CNN) shows the noose about to be put around the neck of Saddam Hussein.

Now let me make it clear that the passing of Saddam is not something that I regret. He was a very bad man. Of course, the world is full of very bad men most of whom will never be caught let alone brought to trial and punished. One of them lives in a white house which is an irony. Another is in a coma in Israel. The list is endless...

However, the fact of Saddam's execution (rather than a life sentence) and the barbaric way it was carried out brings shame, I believe, to every human being on the planet.

Then we are the kind of people who, during the last 2,ooo year, have ingloriously carried out the Spanish Inquisition, burned people at the stake or with napalm or phosphorous bombs, given generations of people cancer and birth defects by using depleted uranium explosives, invented the cruelty of death by crucifixion and keel-hauling, incinerated people in their hundreds of thousands in atomic blasts, used Agent Orange against civilians, carried out carpet and cluster bombing in many places, used mustard gas, waterboarding, etc. Again the list is endless...

Judged by our past and continuing brutal, cruel actions all over the world, collectively, we are little better than savages and barbarians.

The hanging of Saddam simply confirms it one more time!